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LES Open House
Thursday, August 21, 2014

We can't wait to see you!!

Lilesville Elementary School is proud to announce the 4th Nine Weeks Honor Roll....

rd grade “A” Honor Roll
Caleb Goodwin, Joshua Grantham, Camryn Hines, Parker Lee, Keivon Pemberton, Peyton Pratt, Madalyn Wright
4th grade “A” Honor Roll
William Smith, Tyler Streater
5th grade “A” Honor Roll
Rachel Auman, Ethan Currie, Samuel Ingram, Noah Ratliff, Garrett Sikes, Steven Taylor, Carson Williams, Hanna Williams
6th grade “A” Honor Roll
Beyonka Berry, Sarah Burr, Janiah Lindsey, Erin McIntyre, Kaeley Whitlock

3rd grade “A/B” Honor Roll
Trudy Bennett, Jahmya Brewer, Caden Clark, Jamarion Hamilton, Jeremiah Jenks, Ethan Lockler, Savannah Lowery, Nigel Ratliff, Elizabeth Ray
4th grade A/B Honor Roll
Kayla Carpenter, Rebecca Huntley, Cormelia Ingram, Tracy Lucas, Leah McLeod, Alyssa Simon, Ariel Smith-Christian
5th grade “A/B”Honor Roll
Arlon Bauer, Ronald Capel, Quenton Cromartie, Timothy Diggs, Diamond Eppolito, Elizabeth Fowler, Noah Goodwin, Tionna Harrington, Bryson Jackson, Justin Ledbetter, Diamond Pickett, Nakayla Robinson, Shania Rorie, Dylan Sims, Kania Sturdivant, Shania Sturdivant, Jesse Usrey, Syriniti Wall, Jacob Welch, Jessica Williams
6th grade “A/B” Honor Roll
Taylor Brigman, JaKira Brown, Kalista Burr, Ashley Cameron, Kendall Caulkins, Malik Gaddy, Hannah Goodson, Adaejianna Hamilton, Brandon Jackson, Nakaiya Leak, Brianna Little, Shamyria Lowery, Camryn Parson, Kiary Reyes-Garcia, Madison Runyan, LaMia Smith-Maxwell, Brianna Williams

Terrific Kids for LES 2013-2014

Caring and Fairness

CARING: Rachel A., Mykajzyiha B., Coleman B., Kendall D., Kiary R., Sophia G., Claire J., Samuel M., Erin M., Kourtney M., Kaitlyn P., Peyton P., Ariel S., Tristan S., Lawson T., Syriniti W., and Zmya W.
FAIRNESS:  Anyie B.Dillon B., Kadarius B., Anna C., Kaylie G., Noah G., Adajiana H., Millie I., Ethan L., Prentice M., Xzyreon M., Maya P., Aiden S., Brett T., Aidan T., and Ariel W.

Citizenship and Honesty
CITIZENSHIP:  Jessie B., Hannah B., Kayla C., Isaac C., Damarian E., Dawson G., Katie H., Brandon J., Noah J., Savannah K., Janiah L., Tyler L., Savannah L., Aracely M., Trinity M., McKenzie R., and Garrett S.
HONESTY:  Destiny B., Jahmya B., Candra B.Elizabeth F., Hannah G., Jayanna H., Bryson J., Caleb L., Patrick L., Abbey M., Whitney P., Carly R., Noah R., Madison R., Ishan S., Alyssa S., and Kayla W.

Respect and Responsibility
RESPECT:  Tony B., Anthony D., Malik G., Ellie G., Nathan G., Judah H., Tyler L., Zaquon L., Tracy L., Kinston S., Canaya M., Rayne R., Trenton S., Steven T., Amya T., Christy T., and Maddie W.
RESPONSIBILITY:  Huntley B., Jakira B., Mattie B., Joshua G., Camryn H., Jaylyn L., Treyshaun L., Alexia M., Nysia R., Milayjah S., Aaliyah S., Hailey T., Abigail U., Kaeley W., Hannah W., Khenniyah W., and Abbey W.

Lilesville Elementary School wishes all the best
to Mrs. Gathings and Mrs. Auman on their retirement!
We will miss you both!

Lilesville Elementary School
Class of 2014
Future Class of 2026

Lilesville Elementary School
Sixth Grade
Class of 2014
Future Class of 2020

Alicia Huntley
2013-2014 Lilesville Elementary Paraprofessional of the Year
Stephanie Harward
2013-2014 Lilesville Elementary School Teacher of the Year &
Anson County Schools Secondary Math Teacher of the Year

Spring Band Concert

LES is so proud of our band students!


LES Sweet Potato Contest

Classroom Entries

     Sweet potatoes have been around since the prehistoric times and some scientists believe that dinosaurs might have eaten these delicious vegetables. They have been cultivated in the United States for centuries and North Carolina leads all other states in sweet potato production, producing about 40% of the national supply.  
     To promote good nutrition and celebrate National Sweet Potato Month in February, the Lilesville Elementary School Cafeteria hosted a sweet potato decorating contest. Classrooms were provided a sweet potato, the Official Vegetable of the State of North Carolina, and contest rules. Categories included best decorated, most unusual, and looks most like an animal.  
Congratulations to the following classroom winners.

Best Animal
Mrs. Knotts' 3rd Grade Classroom

Most Unusual
Mrs. Belcher's 4th Grade Classroom

Best Decorated 
Mrs. Gathings' 3rd Grade Classroom

LES Kindergarten Students Celebrate
Being 100 Days Smarter!!!

The Lilesville Elementary School Kindergarten Staff and Students celebrated being 100 days smarter on February 10, 2014. LES Teachers Mrs. Tina Currie and Mrs. Sammi Williams read books about the 100th day theme and planned activities for the day.  The 100th day of school allowed the teachers to provide integrated activities to help child discover and use important math concepts pertaining to 100. As students investigated, read, wrote, discussed, evaluated, and interpreted 100 across the curriculum, they learned how to do several things. This included how to read and write numbers, arrange number in numerical order, skip count by twos, fives, and tens, sort and classify objects, recognize and compare patterns, use "manipulatives" and measuring devices to determine how much and how many, and communicate and interpret math concepts through discussion, writing, illustrations, and models.

LES Teacher Assistants Mrs. Sharon Jones and Ms. Jacki Rivers assisted students with activities for the day including making a 100 piece snack, writing numbers to 100 by 10, painting 100 fingerprints, jumping for 100 seconds, playing with 100 balloons for 100 seconds, and popping 100 balloons. 

The LES Kindergarten Students also worked to complete 100 acts of kindness during the day and a heart tree was decorated showing the acts.  At the end of the day, the students enjoyed cupcakes and a juice to complete their celebration!

Forces and Motion at Planetarium

Fifth grade students recently visited the Rotary Planetarium to engage in activities related to their current unit of forces and motion.  While there, they built and launched model rockets, balanced twelve nails on one nail, and stood on top of a dozen eggs.

Lilesville Elementary School

Honor Roll for the Second Nine Weeks


“A” Honor Roll

3rd Grade

Joshua Grantham, Camryn Hines, Kevion Pemberton, Rayne Reid, Madalyn Wright

5th Grade

Rachel Auman, Quenton Carmartie, Sam Ingram, Noah Ratliff, Garrett Sikes, Steven Taylor, Carson Williams, Hanna Williams

6th Grade

Beyonka Berry, Sarah Burr, Erin McIntyre, Kaeley Whitlock

-----      -----      -----      -----      -----      -----      -----      -----      -----      -----

“A/B” Honor Roll

3rd Grade

Makajzyiha Bennett, Trudy Bennett, Hannah Bolick, Caden Clarke, Caleb Goodwin, Kaylie Goodwin, Jamarion Hamilton, Parker Lee, Peyton Pratt, Nigel Ratliff, MaKayla Williams

4th Grade

Cormelia Ingram, Tracy Lucas, Leah McLeod, Alyssa Simon, Ariel Smith-Christian, Trenton Smith, Tyler Streater, Abby Wright

5th Grade

Ethan Currie, Elizabeth Fowler, Bryson Jackson, Nakayla Robinson, Kania Sturdivant, Shania Sturdivant, Jaqula Sellers, Dylan Sims, Jesse Usrey, Jessica Williams

6th Grade

Jakira Brown, Kalista Burr, Kendall Caulkins, Hannah Goodson, Adaejianna Hamilton, Brianna Little, Shamryia Lowery, Kiary Reyes-Garcia, Dillon Whitlock, Brianna Williams

LES 2nd Annual
Uniform Swap
was a HUGE success!




LES hosts the first of several
Parent Portal Trainings.
Please watch for future training dates! 
Attending this training gives you the access
to look at your child's grades on a daily basis,
as well as attendance from any computer
that has Internet access.

Upcoming Dates of Interest 

April 4 - Spring Picture Day

LES Spelling Bee!

Anyie B. did a great job representing LES in the
ACS District Level Spelling Bee!
The photo is of Anyie, Mr. Freeman, and Ms. M. Currie after the Bee
on Wednesday, January 15th!
LES is proud of you Anyie!

LES Field Trip!

Fourth Grade students recently visited the Town Creek Indian Mound in Mt. Gilead, North Carolina. They toured the Indian Mound after completing a unit of study in Social Studies about Native Americans that inhabited the lands of North Carolina and how different ethnic groups have influenced culture, customs, and the history of North Carolina. The students were able to visit the Meeting House and burial grounds, and watched demonstrations about hunting tools used in years past by North Carolina Native Americans. The students also participated in creating a piece of pinched pottery to take home with them. Shown here are Fourth Grade students accompanied by teachers Ms. Monica Currie, Mr. Thomas Martin, Mrs. Sharon Belcher, and Teacher Assistant and Bus Driver Ms. Jacki Rivers.

Positively Electrifying!

Students in fourth grade recently finished a unit on electromagnets. The students participated in an experiment where they created an electromagnet with a battery, nail, copper wire, paper clips, and a battery cell. Research was done to see how to make the magnet stronger using different materials. The strength was determined by how many paper clips were able to be picked up with the electromagnet.
It was positively electrifying!

LES PTO Raffle Winners!

Congratulations to the $250 Cash Winner Kindergartener
 Dawson Greene and his mom! (left)
Congratulations to the $100 Wal-Mart Gift Card Winner,
David Blount! (bottom right)
Congratulations to the $25 McDonalds Gift Card Winner,
Evonne Burr (top right)
Thanks to everyone who helped make the LES Raffle
a huge success! 
Our students really appreciate all of your help!

What is the Read to Achieve Program? 
Click here and read to find out!
Excellent Public Schools Act-NC Read to Achieve and Reading 3D.ppt

6th Grade Surprise!


These happy faces were some of the students treated to a 6th grade Surprise Dance and Social Time
for meeting all academic and behavioral expectations last week!  Congratulations to each of these students!

                         LES 5th Graders
              Rotary Planetarium Visit
                    Dissecting Frogs!

Fifth grade students visited the planeterium and participated in many activities 
related to their unit on ecosystems. They looked at animal specimens and tried to
guess what ecosystem or biome they were from. They played ecosystems bingo
and built three different ecosystems to take back and observe in their classroom.
The students especially enjoyed the frog dissection part of the  visit. They looked
at the body systems of the frog and how it is adapted to a particular biome or ecosystem.

Making Good Choices with the Wacky Professor
Bright Star Touring Theatre, a national professional touring theatre company based in 
Asheville, NC, visited Lilesville Elementary School with their acclaimed production of Professor Parsnip’s Lab of Healthy Choices. This presentation had Wacky Professor Parsnip taking the audience on an adventure through science, teaching lessons on making good choices in diet, exercise, and environment along the way. The program included exciting experiments that reinforced healthy habits and good character traits. The production was sponsored by The Anson County Arts Council.

LES is proud of
Ian B.
a 1st grade Panther
for his submission in the
North Carolina School Board Association
Student Poster Contest
"What's Super About Public Schools?"


Way to go Ian!

Box Tops for Education!

Collecting Box Tops for Education is an easy way to help support the school!

For more information on BoxTops for Education, and to see qualifying foods and coupons visit

We Walked In!

Here are just a few of the Lilesville Elementary School Staff members that "walked into school" not out on Monday, November 4th, and are on top of the world for public education!  
Pictured from left to right are Mr. Sherman Cash, LES Principal Ms. Maresa Dutton Phillips, Mrs. Sammi Williams, Mrs. Lynn Sheppard, Mrs. Deborah Gathings, Ms. Katie Gaddy, Mrs. Monica Williamson, Mrs. Debbie Griffin, and Mr. Benny Harris.  November 4, 2013

PTO Information

New PTO email address:

Panther News

LES Make Your Day Motto:  No one has the right to interfere with the learning, safety, and well-being of others! 

Mission Statement

"Lilesville Elementary School is committed to the belief that all children can learn. Our mission is to teach each child to levels of mastery learning and encourage behaviors and attitudes that prepare them to be productive citizens." 

Lilesville Elementary School is creating a collaborative learning environment that prepares All students to acquire the skills and knowledge to become successful and meet the challenges of the future. 

Dream It. Believe It. Be It.

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Thursday, August 21
LES Open House
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