Memorial Day Holiday
No School
Monday, May 25, 2015

As of May 22, 2015, no more charges

will be allowed in the cafeteria.

  End-of-Year Testing
Has Begun!


K-2 EOY Math Assessment 
Now through June 5, 2015


May 27, 2015
Grades 3, 4, 5, and 6 - 
English Language Arts EOG


May 28, 2015

Grades 3, 4, 5, and 6 - 

Mathematics EOG

Items Required for Enrolling a Child in Kindergarten

for the 2014-2015 School-Year at Lilesville Elementary School

·         Child must be age 5 on or before August 31, 2015

·         Application for Admission

·         Certified birth certificate (No copies allowed; must be able to feel the seal)

·         Up-to-date immunization (shot) record

·         Kindergarten Health Assessment form

·         Social Security card

·         Two proofs of residence that child resides in the LES District such as:

o    Utility bill (electric, water)

o    Driver’s license

o    Property insurance policy

o    Notarized rental agreement

*For questions please call Mrs. Conklin, PowerSchool Data Manager at 704-848-4975, Option 2 or Extension 16400.

Pi Day at LES

Sixth grade students at Lilesville Elementary School enjoyed two full days of math lessons surrounding the mathematical term “Pi” in March.  Using literature, videos, and hand-on activities, students discovered that “Pi” is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, always calculating to be approximately 3.14.  After realizing that mathematicians have never been able to terminate the exact true answer of “Pi”, the students began creating a chain that represented the first digits of “pi”.  Each piece of the chain was color coordinated to a specific number.  The students hoped to create the first one million digits of “pi” with this chain, but had to stop due to time.   “Pi” Day 2015 was especially unique because the first ten digits of “pi”, 3.141592653, represented the date and times this year of 3/14/15 at 9:26:53am and 9:26:53pm.  This will not occur again for one hundred years!

Dr. Seuss
Read Across America Day!

Mrs. Sammi Williams and Mrs. Sharon Jones Kindergarten Class

It's that time again!
The 5th Annual Catfish Stew Cook-Off Contest is
Saturday, March 28th.


LES Second Nine Weeks

Honor Roll

“A” Honor Roll

 3rd Grade

Destinie B., Coleman B., DaMarian E., Jaydan L., Jaylen L. 

4th Grade
 Joshua G., Keivon P.

5th Grade
Rebecca H., Gail I.

6th Grade
Quenton C., Ethan C., Tionna H., Sam I., Michael J., Destiny O., Noah R., Garrett S.,   Kania S., Shania S. Steven T., Ilajah T., Iyanna T., Carson W., Jessica W.


“A/B” Honor Roll

 3rd Grade
 Emanuel C., Braden D., Karizma L., Xzyreon M., Dashawn R.

4th Grade
Javone B., Trudy B., Jahmya B., Adriana C., Jaquavian C., Caleb G., Kaylie G.,      Jamarion H., Gerald J., Jason L., Gavin M., Sukari M., Peyton P., Maci S., MaKayla W., Carver. W.

 5th Grade
 Precious L., David L., Tracy L., Alyssa S., Ariel S., Tyler S., Kayla W., Zachary W.

6th Grade
Ronald C., Lashaun D., Anthony D., Diamond E., Elizabeth F., Justin L., Dynasia L., Diamond P., Nakayla R., Shania R. Milayjah S., Amanda T., Jesse U., Syriniti W., Hanna W.

LES Super Attendance

Perfect Attendance – Second Nine Weeks

Damarian B., Omari C., Makyle I., MaKayla K., Londyn L., JMahri L., Andrew M., Alexis M., Justin M., Myrionna S., JaQuan T.

1st Grade
Anyia G., Jayanna H., Kevin H., Janae L., Janiya L., Jordin L., Shayland R., Tavaine R., Kinston S., Shavondra T., Courtney T., TaKayla T., Kamryn W.

2nd Grade
Lucas G., James L., Ayriana L., Tyler L., Janiaya M., Gracie M., Nichya P., Jamias P., Omahrea P., Caleb S., Makayla T.,
Aidian T.

3rd Grade
Destinie B., MaKayla D, Jessica D., Jamiya I., Karizma L., Xzyreon M., Stanley P.,   Rahseed P., Jakire R., Ishan S., Owenn T., Abigail U.

4th Grade
Trudy B., Shawn B., Anna C., Adriana C., Jaquavian D., JaLiyah H., Jamarion H.,     Summer M., Sukari M., Jamaia M.,
Keivon P., Peyton P., Maci S.

5th Grade
Kayla C., Tyler D., Jazmen I., Keyonia J., Jasmine L., Jada R., Betzabet S., Aaliyah S., Kayla W., Zachary W.

6th Grade
Dionta B., Quenton C., Ethan C., Lashaun D., Timothy D., Justin L., Shania R., Garrett S., Milayjah S., Steven T., Ilajah T., Iyanna T., Christy T., Syriniti W., Jacob W., Carson W., Jason Z.


LES Terrific Kids!

Keivon P.. Mirah M., Garrett G., Sophie G., Demunya G., Kamryn W., Katie H., Prentice M., Canaya M., Braden D., Abigail U., Jahmya B., Nigel R., Rykael L., Btezabet S., Hailey C., Aracely M.

Damarian E., Andrew M., Samiya J., Brenna C., TaKayla T., Jiaya S., Ian B., Abbey M., Tristan S., Ricky M., Karizma L.,
Ethan L., Jamarion H., Trenton S., Zachary W., Diamond E., Ethan C.

Second Nine Weeks AR Goal.

4th Grade
Summer M., Anrea W., Javone B., Carly R., Jaliyah H., Toney G., Jahmya B., Carver W., Chrissy S., Caleb G., Peyton P., Sukari M., Rayne R., Gavin M., Jamarion H., Jason L., Ethan L., Anna C., Kaylie G., Makayla W., Maci S., Hannah B., Josh G., Gerald J.

5th Grade
MacKay B., Kayla W., Rebecca H., Tracy L.

6th Grade
Destiny O., Diamond P., Nakayla R., Timothy D., Ketori T., Carson W., Tionna H.,        Hanna W., Amanda T., Dala T.,
Jessica W., Koydarious B., Elizabeth F., Kania S., Ilajah T., Garrett S., Ethan C., Michael J., Quenton C., Syriniti W., Sam I.,
Shania S., Tyrese L, Christy T.

LES honored Mrs. Frances McClendon during 
Guidance Counselor's Week.
Thanks Mrs. McClendon for all that you do!

How proud we are of Xzyreon M.
Our LES Spelling Bee Winner!
Xzyreon represented LES well at the
County Wide Spelling Bee!

Tylazia Butler, a fifth grade student at Lilesville Elementary School recently received a surprise in the mail from President Barack Obama. She had written a letter to President Obama earlier in the school year asking questions about his role as President of the United States and US Government. For her efforts Tylazia received autographed photos, activity booklets about The White House, and other materials. Shown here with some of the items received are Ms. Melanie Simon, LES Teacher and Tylazia.

And the winner is........

LES Third Grader, Xzyeron McLendon, was the winner of the school-level spelling competition and will compete at the Anson County Schools District-level event later this month. She was presented a LES Hoodie. Cormelia Ingram, a fifth grader was the LES Runner-up.

Lilesville Elementary School Classroom Spelling Bee Winners in grades 3-6 competed in a school-level spelling competition on December 16, 2014. Mrs. Monica Lee Stokes organized the event and retired Anson County Schools Teacher, Mrs. Leslie Capel served as the word caller.  Students participating were Victoria Watkins, Jahmya Brewer, Xzyeron McLendon, Peyton Pratt, Cormelia Ingram, Jakeira Horne, Alyssa Simon, and Destiny Owens.

What's for Breakfast?  What's for Lunch?
April Breakfast Menu
April Lunch Menu

LES Sixth Grade Band Students did a great job in the annual Christmas Concert December 16th.  This is the first time the sixth graders from across the county join together to perform.


LES First Nine Weeks

Honor Roll

“A” Honor Roll


3rd Grade
Destinie B, Robert B, DaMarian E, Jaylyn L, Kourtney M 

4th Grade
Joshua G, Keivon P, Chrissy S 

6th Grade
Quenton C, Samuel I, George J, Noah R, Garrett S, Steven T, Ilajah T, Carson W, Hanna W


“A/B” Honor Roll

 3rd Grade
Emily A, Huntley B, Mattie B, Charity H, Jayden L, Dashawn R, Nevaeh S, Owenn T, Amya T, Abigail U 

4th Grade
Mykajzyiha B, Jaquavion D, Anijah H, Myron I, Gerald J, Ethan L, Gavin M, Carly R, Robert W, III

 5th Grade
Cormelia I, Tracy L, Alyssa S, Tyler S 

6th Grade
Arlon B, Ronald C, Jr., Ethan C, Timothy D, Diamond E, Elizabeth F, Mary G, Tionna H, Destiny O, Diamond P, Nakayla R, Shania R, Dylan S, Kania S, Shania S, Amanda T, Iyanna T, Syriniti W, Jacob W

LES Super Spellers

Classroom Winners

(Schoolwide competition will occur 12/16/14)

3rd Grade
Xzyreon M, Jakeira H

4th Grade
Peyton P, Jhhmya B

5th Grade
Millie I, Alyssa S

6th Grade
Victoria W, Destiny O

LES Super Attendance

Perfect Attendance – First Nine Weeks

Rhyen E, Kyjah G, Angel H, Makyle I, Londyn L, Andrew M, Branson M, Mirah M, Nicholas P, Asiah R, Nolan R, Laia S, JaQuan T

1st Grade
Kadarius B, Jarius C, Meredith F, Aniya G, Jayanna H, Jasper H, Jazaun H, Janae L, Janiya L, Carlos M, Whitney P, Nysia R, Tavaine R, Jiaya Sm, Kinston S, Shavondra T, Ariel W

2nd Grade
Danielle B, Tony D, James L, Treyshaun L, Janiyah M, Zanobia M, ZaMiana P, Joseph P, Kameron R, Kynton R, Tristan S, Hailey T, Aiden W

3rd Grade
Destinie B, JaMarion B, Jessie B, Robert B, Mattie B, Emanuel C, Braden D, Jamiya I, Myya L, ZaQuon L, Karizma L, Richard M, Jakire R, Ishan S, Amya T, Abigail U

4th Grade
Javone B, Shawn B, Anna C, Jaquavian D, Joshua G, Anijah H, Jamarion H, Myron I, Omarion M, Jamaia M, Kelvon P, Carly R, Maci S, Myriah T, MaKayla W

5th Grade
MacKay B, Kayla C, Faith C, Tyler D, Rebecca H, Harlie J, Keyonia J, Precious L, Jasmine L, Tracy L, Jada R, Alyssa S, Aaliyah S, Tyler S, MyAsia T, Zachary W

6th Grade
Ronald C, Ethan C, Timothy D, Elizabeth F, Kendall H, Justin L, Aracely M, Diamond P, Alonys R, Garrett S, Milayjah S, Ilajah T, Iyanna T, Keara T, Carson W, Jason Z 


LES Terrific Kids!

Makyle I, Laia S, Kinston S, Nysia R, Lawson T, Kynton R, Hailey T, Brant G, Emanuel C, Mattie B, Mykajzyiha B, Caleb G, Ariel S, Ilajah T, Kenall H, Steven T

KelNosha J, Jada W, Ariel W, Courtney T, Jordin L, James L, Lucas G, Ellie G, JaMiya I, Amya T, Joshua G, Kaylie G, Tracy L, Kayla L, Jessica W, Iyanna T, Destinie B

LES "Think Pink"

Special thanks to the Anson High School Bearcat Football Team for helping us start our day off with a "ROAR"!  After helping in the bus lot, the car rider lot, the cafeteria, and the hallways, they led in our Pledge of Allegiance and visited classrooms.  
We love the Bearcats!


Thanks to the Anson County Arts Council for providing the play, #Respect, for students in grades 4-6, Thursday, October 30.  Students were shown the effects of bullying, as well as cyberbullying.  
Great presentation!  Valuable information!


October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and LES students are invited to take part in a PINK OUT on Friday, October 24th.  This means that staff and students will be allowed to wear PINK shirts along with their khaki or navy blue pants/shorts/skorts, etc.
(Keep in mind that students that elect to wear clothes other than the expected student dress must follow the general dress code guidelines set forth by
the ACS Board of Education.)

We are excited to provide this opportunity to THINK PINK and show our support for breast cancer awareness!

In honor of Student Ridership Week, several special guests rode the LES Panther bus routes!  Thanks to everyone who supports our Panthers!

Anson County Schools Superintendent Michael Freeman


Chief Financial Officer Holly Berry

ACS PowerSchool Data Manager, Debbie Jarman

4-H Agent, Roshunda Terry

Anson County Manager Lawrence Gatewood

LES Panther Susan Fowler

LES Panther Sharon Jones

LES Panther Jackie Rivers

Student Ridership Count

Please read the attached information on Student Ridership Count
taking place September 22-26, 2014.

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What is the Read to Achieve Program? 
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Box Tops for Education!

Collecting Box Tops for Education is an easy way to help support the school!

For more information on BoxTops for Education, and to see qualifying foods and coupons visit

Panther News

LES Make Your Day Motto:  No one has the right to interfere with the learning, safety, and well-being of others! 

Mission Statement

"Lilesville Elementary School is committed to the belief that all children can learn. Our mission is to teach each child to levels of mastery learning and encourage behaviors and attitudes that prepare them to be productive citizens." 

Lilesville Elementary School is creating a collaborative learning environment that prepares All students to acquire the skills and knowledge to become successful and meet the challenges of the future. 

Dream It. Believe It. Be It.

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2015 - 2016
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